Friday, April 29, 2011

Launch week: last flight of space shuttle Endeavour today! 04.29.11

STS-134 mission patch. Image credit: NASA.

The last flight of space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for Friday, April 29. Barring poor weather and technical issues, it should launch at 3:47 from launch pad 39a at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The mission is scheduled to last for two weeks. During their flight, the six crew members of STS-134 will deliver new instruments, space parts, a high-pressure gas tank, and other parts for the International Space Station. NASA provided live coverage of the crew's arrival to Kennedy on Tuesday at 12:15, and was available on NASA television and over the internet at
Space shuttle Endeavour moving on the crawler to launchpad 39a. Image credit: NASA.
For more information about the mission, please visit:

Credit: NASA.

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